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    Hey everyone, following the useful advise I got from these forums in my previous thread, I went ahead and made a blueprint of the MvM idea I have in mind.
    Behold my totally awes0me MS Paint skillz!

    I can imagine it's not totally clear, but let me give some extra info:
    - Green areas: outside areas
    - Darker green areas: are elevated. Kinda like the side paths on Decoy where Botsnipers often spawn.
    - Grey areas: inside area
    - Darker grey areas: are elevated, like the Dark green ones but inside
    - Solid black structures: obstacles that the player nor the bots can get over (high rocks, high buildings, etc)
    - Blue areas: platforms, houses or rocks the player and bots can walk on
    - Yellow and red paths: are the bots' main paths. Kinda like Mannworks, they can take one path or the other.
    - Purple path: alternate, flanking path bots can take. At the end, they can jump off the blue platform to the bomb hatch
    - Orange and blue paths: Tank paths. I'd like to have the possibility to have two Tanks at a time.
    - Those red circle symbols on orange Tank's path: this is a small side path the Tank takes but that the player can't walk in, kinda like in Rottenburg.
    - The big bomb drawing: is the bomb hatch

    This is just a rough lay out. The big central blue platform in the bottom section for example isnt going to be just an open platform. I want to add towers, small buildings etc to it.
    I'm not sure if it's a good idea to have a large inside area. Might block rocket/sticky jumping mobility and reduce Botsnipers LoS.
    Also I'm not sure where to put death pits to reset the bomb.

    ANy opinions or advice, in the hope you somewhat understand the blueprint. I can imagine how a flat drawing isn't all too clear...
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    I think you forgot to draw the bomb hatch area.