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    I've been playing this the past couple days, it's a refreshing take on MOBA style games. Like Dota/LoL/whatever it has a hotkey based skills system, but uses WASD for movement. No minions or towers or leveling or item shop, games are quick, meant to test your skills against other players instead of your patience. I've been playing 3v3 arena, but there's also 5v5 capture the flag and 5v5 control point modes.

    It has the standard features games like this have such as account progression, a free to play bloodline rotation, in-game currency you can use to unlock bloodlines and cosmetics for them. When your account hits level five you get to unlock a bloodline for free. There's also a player grade that ranks you relative to others based on your performance.

    It's free to play of course, and on Steam, located here:

    If you register with this link, you'll get 5000 blood coins (the in-game currency) to start with, which is not an insignificant amount. Oh, and this weekend they're running a double XP event, so you can level up your account pretty quickly.
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