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    This is a question arisen in my project of circular payload map

    In a normal payload setup the func_track_train is guided by a logic_case feeded by inputs from a sourrounding capture_area. The capture area is trigerred by OnNumCappersChanged, then we map the corresponging cappers to the speed of the cart.

    I have the same setup but two carts, with different capture zone linked to different CP etc. They work perfectly fine when each team tries to push their cart forward but somehow I can't achieve blocking the cart when one team is blocking the capture area of the other.

    There is one Ouput named OnCaptureBlock in the capture_area entity, but it is not used in stantard payload setup.

    My assumption is the train_watcher does way more than just displaying train progression on the hud and controlling the cart_receide. Can anyone confirms this ? Since I have two carts I just don't want to mess with this entity.

    I read the pl_valley thread but it was more a debate of graphical identity than a technical course :D