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    Hi I'm HanoverFist of the Big Fist Clan. One of our clan members posted the link to this forum on our forum. I'm glad he did. I'm a map maker and am always looking for new ideas and ways of doing things. We have one server. And an ever growing clan base. I previously have been making dod:s maps. Anyway I've been working on a few different ideas and will be letting you all have a look as they progress. I'm 46, married with 2 children and living in Alabama. I'm happy to be a member here.
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    As happy as we are to have you along with us! =)

    A big welcome, have you got any screenshots made up yet? =)
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    sup hanover!

    Im glad to be here with you :)

    I laughed, cuz I was mapping for dods too... its so much easy for TF2 no? DoDS was so detailed it took hours and hours to build one room!