Ban Policy Amendment: Universal Bans

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    Bans are being updated and will now be universal across our platforms. This means that a currently-held ban on any one of our services (site, Discord, and servers) will immediately translate into a ban on ALL of our services.

    This is retroactive, so users who are currently holding a ban on one of our platforms will have their ban extended to all platforms.

    In short: if you were banned on our Discord, you will be now banned on the site and the servers as well. In the case of temporary bans, all bans last equally as long as the original given ban. Permabans are permanent across all platforms.

    Remember to be respectful and courteous to all around you. Cheers.

    * Ban appeals are encouraged to be done through avenues available to you that do not require making alt accounts. Messaging an admin through Steam is currently the preferred method.
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