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Asking for help with a lag problem...

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Ida, Jul 31, 2008.

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    What was that? "Go try the Steam forums", you say? Oh, I did. The day after I posted, my thread was pushed back to page 6 and it had about 10 views.

    This isn't exactly the place to go if you want your threads pushed into nowhere in a matter of hours, so after my TF2 lag reached a whole new level today, I figured I should ask here.

    Here is the problem: I get lots of lag all the time, in the form of low FPS. Sometimes as bad as, ohh, 5 FPS, I guess? Today, my game even crashed due to too much lag. While I was in the spawn room. The lag can start and end at any time - not only when there's a lot of action. This results in me moving and aiming extremely slowly as well, and I am forced to stand still and look at a wall until it cools down. Oh yeah, and it happens about every minute or so.

    This would be the part where I post my specs, but I...have no idea what they are. Ahem. I don't think there's any point either, really, but let me tell you this: I have a laptop (Acer Aspire 7520G, I think it's called) that is able to run modern games just fine, and it has done that job perfectly, until the lag problems started about a month or two ago. My Internet connection? Solid. It doesn't seem to be related to the problem either, as my ping remains the same when I have lag as when I don't (which usually is between 20-60 on the servers I frequent). And, yes, obviously I have made sure that I have enough free space.

    I'm asking this kinda out of desperation, as I don't know if there are any people here who actually know how to help me. All help is apprecitated, though, even the tiniest suggestion.
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    NO installation necessary, please just extract & copy everything to a folder.

    1. Download CPUZ
    2. Use the Validation tool

    From there i'll be able to see your CPU and MotherBoard.

    3. Download GPUZ
    4. Run GPUZ and Validate your GPU and keep it open on the Sensors tab. (check the "Continue refreshing this screen while GPU-Z is in the Background"

    Now we're going to go find your temperatures for GPU specifically.

    Run TF2 or any other 3d game in windowed mode.
    Play for approximately 10 min~30 min, and record the temps that you see on GPUZ
    Quit the game and wait 5~10 min and record the temps again.
    -you now have the Load and Idle temps of the gpu.
    According to what GPU you have determines your Highest potential temps...

    Just a couple of things i'd like to add:
    1. Sorry the Steam forums couldn't help, the tf2 forums are full of complainers and other discussion threads....

    2. The Source 2007 engine does have problems with Multicore, actually it's not even enabled in any games (portal, EP2, TF2, DOD:S)

    3. I'm thinking it's a Temperature problem.
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    ^ i agree on the temperature problem. Nice 3rd post though =)
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