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Artpass Growlithe Harpo

Discussion in 'Map Factory' started by Harpo_53, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. Harpo_53

    Harpo_53 L2: Junior Member

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    Try not to be too harsh; this is my first attempt at REALLY detailing.

    As of yet, I haven't added too many props/func_details. My main focus right now is good lighting and even better texture choices. At this stage I'm going for a night-time, snow exterior theme and a heavy spytech theme inside. Comments appreciated.

    Also, thanks to:
    Alakazam - yukihiyou for her custom textures and feedback.
    NuclearWatermelon for encouraging me to continue working on this when there are so many other, much more fun maps I could be working on.
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  2. Goombac

    Goombac L4: Comfortable Member

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    Good start IMO. I also put the computer terminals in that room in the first screenshot, lol. Maybe overusing those striped walls, though.
  3. Freyja

    aa Freyja It hurt itself in it's confusion!

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    Nice texturing there.

    In the future, turn on Anti-Aliasing, to at least 2x, you don't need fps for screenshots and it really makes them look better
  4. dire_luck

    dire_luck L1: Registered

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    It's looking good so far. The way you've set up the lighting makes the map look great.

    Only thing that bugs me about your map so far is that the paint job on the first CP seams a bit dull, especially when compared to the walls around the last CP. I'm sure the wear and tear on the first CP's texture is intentional, but it's just a big contrast from the crisp lines on the final CP. On the flip side, I think both the "old and worn look" and the "clean and sharp look" are looking good.

    I can't wait to see what else you do to this map, so keep up the good work!
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