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    Hello again

    I had a problem a while back to do with compile and vbsp crashing, that randomly sorted itself out which confused me but anyway.

    I now have been working on a new map and it compiles perfectly, i even found a nifty little tool to read through the final compilation information

    Thats cos im a noob :D
    anyway, i made sure i had no errors as i had a problem earlier in the mapping stage that involved TF2 crashing when i tried to run my map which i put down to the compile.

    I get the Application Error for hl2.exe and the program has to be "terminated"

    I honestly have no idea what i can do, and i refuse to believe the map is now a lost cause! I wasted good hours on it avoiding geography coursework! I guess karma is out to get me :(

    Im open for all ideas

    Lots of love, the hopeless noob :p xx
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    make sure all your game files are up to date. Run hl2 and whatever game your compiling a map for to unlock the files. Then try recompiling.