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anyone with experience with customer cart models.. some input..

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by efciem, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. efciem

    efciem L69: Deviant Member

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    I've got an idea for my payload map...

    I was hoping someone with experience with custom cart models might provide me some answers or point me in the right direction..

    I wish to make a Horse&trailer model for a cart.. and not follow train tracks but a dusty road..

    no questions about how to model.. thats where i know plenty.

    question relates to the following :

    a.) are there any requirements of a cart model that are unique to being a cart model ( vs. any other prop type model one might make )

    b.) can this cart model be animated ? so the model only plays the animation when the cart is being moved.. (think playing animation when moving.. paused when not.. and resuming once moving again.. in a loop )

    c.) is there a size requirement? or can one make a cart as big/small as they wish?

    and lastly d.) Can a secondary model be "attached" to the cart model either infront of or behind that will move / trigger animation along with it..

    I appreciate any tips/assistance anyone might be able to offer.

    Thanks ;)

  2. DaFatCat

    DaFatCat L3: Member

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    The prop does not matter- you could even have the heavy playermodel if you wanted. The cart should be around the same size as a normal bomb cart for gameplay purposes. The animation shouldn't be too hard- all you'd need is an idle anim and a moving one.
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