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    hi, im randomteddybear. my favorite custom map is ctf_convoy. if i have a favorite class it would be medic, but i often play heavy. im new to mapping with source and im getting suitably good at using hammer. but I've been mapping for halo custom edition for 2 years, mostly modeling weapons, vehicles, and scenery occasionaly i worked on a few bsps. but one day i realisd i played alot more team fortress 2 then i did halo. I had to say when first using hammer the concept of making level geometry out of "brushes" came as quite a shock. in halo every thing is made in 3ds max. but so far im doing good at adjusting just yesterday i made some pretty decent looking displacment cliffs but please any tutorails or reasource you think i should know about please tell me
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    Hi there and welcome to the community!

    The link in my sig should hold many useful links for you.
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    Hi and welcome to randomteddy! :D

    To get started, you should read through the TF2 wiki and our own rather impressive Tutorial section.

    If you need help with Entities download this. However, you need to download this so the Entities will work right. Now if you need help with things like doors download this. Lastly if you have a hate for the model browser download this.

    Don't worry about making it pretty just yet. However, feel free to sign up for gameday for some good testing. Gamedays are on Fridays in the euro server and Saturday/Sunday in the U.S. server.If you have any other questions, there is usually someone in Steam chat who can help. Welcome to the group!

    Lastly don't forget!
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