After Hours

After Hours 2018-07-30

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Feb 10, 2017
After Hours - After a long day of defending, its nice to unwiiiind to a small conveniently built Upgrade Station

was doing MVM tours this whole week and thought i'd do something related to that for the 72hr jam. i missed the eclipse this weekend :(

made using SFM, Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop

14.5hrs of work

timelapse process
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The Bran Man

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Jul 29, 2017
Absolutely stunning as always!


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Aug 8, 2017
That looks really nice! The colors fit really well and it definitely has a great style. On top of that, I really like the feel of it. I'm surprised it took 15 hours and not 1+ days (it would take me a week to make something half as good, lol)