Advice on editing an area of my map

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Apr 11, 2016
The first area on my map cp_last_call needs improvement. I want to make it more useful for RED to use as a forward hold before first. Currently, it's not helpful for either team and sort of feels like useless space. I created an assortment of images for what I aim to replace this area with but am unsure of how to execute it. Any advice/ideas(gameplay advice pls) are welcome!
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Nov 5, 2016
That cliff face looks like it could have a raised flank path running alongside it for BLU overlooking the control point quite comfortably. To make it useful for both teams, you could make the part of it within the control point site suitable for say, RED Sentries, but have the path leading up to it from BLU side that allows them to sneak up on it (health on BLU side could help).

This would effectively turn the the path into highground for BLU to attack the point from after RED's Sentries/whatever on it are destroyed, allowing for a sense of overtaking territory. Just throwing the idea out there, I don't know what the dynamics of this area are like already.

EDIT: I was referring to the far cliff wall, not what looks like the death fall in the foreground where you already seem to have a walkway in place.