Active GoldSrc mappers/mappers' community?


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Dec 16, 2014
TL;DR: I've just started mapping for CS1.6 using GoldSrc's Hammer. It's very different to the one for Source and I have a few questions to ask to people who ever created maps for that engine.

The first time I wanted to create a map was for Counter-Strike 1.6 (GoldSrc engine), but I couldn't due to my little knowledge for a proper research around 2012 (I'm certain it was somewhere on 2010, though) so I couldn't find the proper tool that could make maps for the game. It was then when I got my interest back, this time for Source, and everything was easier. However, just three days ago I found that proper tool to make maps for GoldSrc, which is "Half-Life SDK" from Steam [...].

Now my problem is that I'm too used to the Source Engine and how it is represented in Hammer, and since GoldSrc is pretty limited and has less to offer (still a lot for the year it was released on IMO), I'm having a new question every hour I spend on it. So I'm seeking for a site/community or for former GoldSrc mappers to help me out with them.