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    I have been working on this map for a while now. I want to submit it too, but i want it to be as perfect as possible. so i would love it if people can tell me what needs fixing up.

    I like making dark maps, and so i decided to make this map a run down facility, with the lights on of course. I tried very hard to make it all class friendly, even engies have good spots for sentries all over.

    I also tired to make each side have a uniquness in the teams.
    Red is warm and uses wood supports, and blue is cold and uses steel supports.

    Please tell me what needs fixing!
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    the map looks like you worked on it a lot! A few things:
    1.) The walls are too thick overall
    2.) The cp in the first screenshot looks like it could be demo-spammed a lot
    3.) the hallways need something more, like props
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    First thing's first. I downloaded it. PLEASE do not use file hosting sites like the one you're using now. You can use Dropbox (If you do decide to use dropbox, I'd appreciate you using this link to sign up) You could also upload to TF2Maps.net directly using the Downloads tab Both are alternatives to file hosting sites like the one you've used.

    Second thing second. I had a run around. Played with some bots. I felt that the layout was a wee bit confusing. I also felt that your sizing could use some work, everything felt generally large. I also noticed how dark it was. Please make it lighter so that I can tell which team is which, I had real trouble doing that. Bump up the ambient lighting or something.

    I kept running into this door, extend the trigger out so the player doesn't run into the door.

    Why are there 3 small health kits here? Why not have 1 large or medium?

    Very dark outside

    There's a flashing light here that really disorientated me.
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