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    It's been over four years since I first joined this community in 2009, and I feel it's appropriate I make another one since I wasn't around for a while.

    Anyways, hi, I'm Flip. I made Team Fortress maps religiously for over two years, then my brother started to let me use his netflix and I got lazy. I was never the greatest at making maps or playing the game or anything really but I kept goin'.

    This summer I returned to the game with an all-new vision: a three point gravelpit style map. Well, it failed, but unlike my previous attempts, I didn't quit, and now we have cp_blast (a16 coming soon).

    tl;dr - Hi I'm Flip I like heavy metal and playstation games and I run (one) (two) blogs on tumblr and I'll try to be as insightful and critical as humanly possible about your map see ya'