A public list of maps to test, with play time

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    Regularly, I find I am unaware of which maps need testing, how much testing they have already received and what aspects the map author is most interested in receiving feedback on.

    I believe it would be beneficial if there were a list of maps that need testing, along with how many hours each version has been tested. The maps with the lowest amount of testing would be at the top of the list, and the maps that had received the most testing would be at the bottom. We could set a quota, where maps that exceed a set amount of test time be relegated to a second general list of maps that have been submitted in the past six months, or so. Maps could have their test time reset by request.

    The list would be accessible by all. It could also show map author feedback requirements and have a link to the forum thread.

    Such a list might help to give map authors an idea about how much play testing a map should have per major version. If ever an imp were to be suggested, then the list would function as a quick reference.
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    That would be nice.
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    To be honest this could be done as easy as there being a thread from staff where people just post their mapname and a download link and posts get edited to say they've been tested or something similar (though a full on state of the art page for it would be nice).
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