72hrJam Crappy Cookie Clicker Clone (cccc) Sandvich Alpha 0.1

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    Alright, I had this idea for a while but I never really had reason to do it until now. I had to rush it pretty unfinished (no upgrades and the sort) because I couldn't map the first 2 days and I started at around 2PM today. I hope you like it.
    How to play: You shoot the sandvich and it'll add 1 to the counter on the wall (up to 99,999). Later I plan to add upgrades but for now it's a working concept.

    Currently you have to be on red team, and the sandvich only triggers with bullets and melee hits. I don't know how to get engineer's sentry gun to trigger it (I've tried quite a few things) so I would recommend you play as SMG sniper, needlegun medic or minigun heavy for maximum sandviches per second.

    If this is not a eligible entry for the contest please let me know and move it to the maps section.
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