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[72hr Jam] TF2 Vox 2017-08-07

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Jun 22, 2016
[72hr Jam] TF2 Vox - A song which focuses on the voices of the TF2 characters.

For the 72hr Summer Jam, I wanted to do something that not many other people would do. But since recording myself doing an interpretive dance would have a large likelihood of going viral and torturing me day to day with said video, I decided to make a song.

I used a free software called Caustic 3, made by Single Cell Software. I've been using it for a long while, so I understand how to navigate its interface, and although it isn't the best for making music (especially when compared to FL Studio which is only 100-300 dollars) it still gets the job done. Anyways, I used Caustic to make the song. The song's premise is simple: use the voices of all nine of the classes in some way, while also making a song that I would normally make. And so I did, and although I'm not particularly proud of it, it came out how I sorta expected it to.

The track begins with a slightly irrelevant violin melody and backline, which is supported by a bass. Then, a build, then a lax-ish trap drumline accompanied with the vocals which are supposed to be the main focus. Then, the bass again, then the melody again, then the build again. On the second part, it starts with a more electronic drumline, then goes back to the lax trap drumline from before, all while the vocals, well, do vocal things.

I'm particularly proud of the second drop, but that's pretty much the extent of which I see a positive. I only found out about this contest on Sunday evening, so I wasn't able to properly mix it (although I did dabble with the knobs for it), and thus it may sound terrible depending on what headphones a user has. Also, the first drop sounds awkward. I at first had the Scout's "OWNED" instead of "you just". But the "OWNED" sounded like a seductive moan (and ain't nobody got time for that), and the "you" in "you just" (as you can hear) is a bit too quiet for my tastes.

Also the mere fact that I'm making a song about TF2 signals self-doubt in my mind but I digress.

I would like to give credit to the TF2 wiki for giving me downloads to some of the voice lines, EIP Ohio for having free presets for Caustic (I downloaded some of them from Google Play then transfered it over to the PC version of Caustic), and my family for leaving me the heck alone as I worked on this project.

(now that I think about it this song is laid out a lot like a few of my other songs that I've been working on. Deja vu.)