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    I don't post much and am only occasionally on the servers but this year I'd really like to get back into mapping and I felt a good way to kick start this is the 72hr contest. However I am also doing a charity fundraiser which has a deadline at the end of January so I need to use my time wisely and so I have a proposal ...

    I do my fundraiser alongside my 72hr contest entry
    • Donating will get something included in the map. (I'll post it on forums and subreddit)
    • Requests will be built in order of highest to lowest donations
    • I will follow the rules of the contest
    • If, by some miracle, I actually place then my prizes will be given to the highest donors
    • I will stream the whole thing

    Would you, the hosts, entrants and community, be ok with me doing this?
    Do you think the TF2 community would get on board with this idea?

    P.S If this goes ahead and is successful, I will of course donate back to TF2maps.net as I would be eternally grateful!
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    Can you give us a link to the charity you will be donating to so we know you're not going to just pocket the money? I know it's unlikely you will, but assholes on the internet do this stuff sometimes so it's worth providing proof that's this is a legitimate charity.
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    A very good point, I'll be as transparent as possible.

    I'm raising for child reach international, a uk based charity that works for the rights of children to health and education. They currently have a variety of projects running in Bangladesh, India, Morocco, Nepal, Tanzania and the UK.

    I am doing the Great Wall of China challenge under the challenges section on their website. A small portion of the funds do go towards the trip however it is run by rare adventures which is a nonprofit organisation. You would not be paying for me to go on holiday, this is a physically challenging sponsored trek.

    All donations will go through my BTdonate page so it is secure and means it's impossible for me to pocket anything. It also means that uk donors can give gift aid and childreach can get 25% more from donations

    childreach international
    rare adventures