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  1. SpookyToad

    Modelling deformation issue

    Hello there, i've had a problem with my model, sometimes it becomes deformed in ANY moment, sometimes it's normal, sometimes isn't, there is screenshots that shows the problem. P.S In HLMV it looks fine
  2. xtremspook

    wow A1

    hey tf2maps people. I'm xtrem and I have been in part of imps for a long time and finally I have made a map. hope you'll like it!
  3. norfolk

    Exhibit A2

    This map is a reverse CTF map. Deliver the enemy's bomb to their base. Do it three times to WIN! ~~~~ Welcome to EXHIBIT, a tale of rivaling zoos begins! Look at the amazing, and real* animals! These include: Deer, Boars, : polarbear:s, Barrelbleps, Spooky Cubes, and Shuckle. (Please don't mess...