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Exhibit A2

Norfolk made a map in 2016 that's not actually named after a Pokemon? What?

This map is a reverse CTF map. Deliver the enemy's bomb to their base. Do it three times to WIN!
Welcome to EXHIBIT, a tale of rivaling zoos begins! Look at the amazing, and real* animals! These include: Deer, Boars, : polarbear:s, Barrelbleps, Spooky Cubes, and Shuckle. (Please don't mess with the Shuckle, or they will cause you to explode. No joke) Come to the zoo today! *lol jk, except for the shuckle.
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Capture The Flag

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Latest updates

  1. Alpha II

    NEW UPDATE FOR: EXHIBIT Featuring a deathpit, bridges, improved mid buildings and fences, no skyboxes touching playable areas, and more to explore! (I actually don't remember a lot because half the changes made were made months ago)