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  1. Skeleton Hotel

    Snowstorm Particle 2022/07/24

    Video preview (YouTube) Nothing incredibly fancy or complex, just me experimenting with making a custom snowstorm effect. Specifically, I really wanted to make the snowflakes look natural in movement, using trail particles that appear as long, blurred lines (to crudely mimic motion blur)...
  2. DoctorDoomtrain64

    Weather Report a2b

    The mercs fight through various seasons and weather for control over a weather station! This is a 3-stage KOTH map where the layout for each individual stage is mostly the same, the main differences being the season and weather, with some minor layout differences to go with each one to make...
  3. Silver Scrublord

    Crevasse Remastered Final

    General Information The original Crevasse was released around 3 - 4 years ago and never finished. It was one of my first attempts at creating a full TF2 map and it turned out undetailed and boring. Now I have something better, something that truly embodies what I wanted the original creation to...
  4. Yrr

    Modular Weather Particles a2

    Rain, Snow, Ripples, Drips and Splashing, at various sizes Particles ending in "d" are circles, particles ending in "w" are boxes. A particle labelled "_128w" would have a width of 128 hammer units, where a particle labelled "_128d" would have a diameter of 128 hammer units. Download includes...
  5. scrly

    Custom capturing sound and weather problems

    So I've been making this snowy map and wanted it to have a custom CAPTURING sound effect but when i tried different ways of setting it up the sound just loops without stopping even when I set an output to make it stop when nobody is capturing. I also wanted it to have a blizzard weather effect...
  6. NuclearWinter

    Map details

    I have a few questions. 1: How do I make scorch marks in the map and hi do I make it rain (not money)
  7. Heili

    Rosewater [PL] A2

    Kong King's Art style + Payload. Never mind the downpour from hell, the tracks are still dry enough to push a bomb through the cheery hills of Rosewater city. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Designed with Half-Life and Team Fortress Classic inspiration. This is continuing...
  8. Viemärirotta

    Weather Effect Prefab (Also comes with collision!) 2016-06-23

    Simple prefab for quick use with snow and rain particles, also credit to @Psy for making the collision modifications and allowing me to use them. Instructions on the collision versions of the snow and rain particles are found here. The non-custom prefabs are the two big ones around the 0,0,0...