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Crevasse Remastered Final

Aggressive CTF in a rainy environment featuring two unassuming bases.

General Information

The original Crevasse was released around 3 - 4 years ago and never finished. It was one of my first attempts at creating a full TF2 map and it turned out undetailed and boring.
Now I have something better, something that truly embodies what I wanted the original creation to be!
This map has many different themes in it. A lot of Sawmill-like structures, Spytech secret bases, concrete facilities, and specialized areas in the edges of the map.


Also unique to this map are several modifications to the Capture the Flag gamemode to encourage more offensive play and less turtling and camping. The time for the intel to return to base after dropped has been reduced from a full minute to 15 seconds! Not only that, but dropping the intelligence and picking it up will no longer reset this timer indefinitely. This means that players can spend more time trying to capture the intel and less time having to defend it because a scout killed himself to pick it up. The balancing of the map also encourages this aggressive playstyle, with 5 different ways to come into the intel room and 2 to go out.
Silver Scrublord
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Capture The Flag
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