war paint

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  1. bubba_

    Borrowed Time - War Paint 1.0

    it's a clock
  2. Sonara

    Space Legend Warpaint 1.0

    This warpaint is supposed to lean into a more space fantasy aesthetic while still mostly adhering to TF2's whimsical style. Making my own warpaint has been an interest of mine for a while and when I heard about this event I knew I wanted to finally try my hand at it. Making textures is...
  3. Scout Time

    Patriotic Popsicle |War Paint

    Inspired by the ICONIC Red, White, and Blue All-American popsicles we know and love! This was created for the 2022 72 Hour Summer Jam! Featuring custom wear (oooooo) and very in-depth roll differences (aaaaah)! Textures/Promos - Paddlepop Concept/Promotion - Scout Time
  4. Fireshock

    Team Worked War Paint

    Show your team how hard you're carrying it by painting your weapon in its likeness. Features: Hand-painted 1024x1024 team colored textures Team colored stickers Matches the Team Spirit and Cream Spirit paints! Check it out on the Steam Workshop!
  5. Frillard

    Floral Funkin' War Paint

    My first war paint and first submission to a 72 Hour Jam. I have some improvements in mind for the future, but I learned a lot working on this project!
  6. HbiVnm

    Wicked Wizardry War Paint

    After roughly 51 hours and 34 minutes since the 72 hour Jam started I've finally finished my first War Paint :) This War Paint features custom stickers and custom wear textures! If you like the War Paint and would like to see it in-game please vote on it on the workshop...
  7. AlmondSoda

    Amon warpaint 1

    My first time making a war paint and using photoshop. Little Amon fellow by ThisIsAdri
  8. Чъорт

    Melon Shake War Paint! 2022-07-23

    Juicy sweet watermelon slice is exactly what you need in such a hot summer! It seems we all need to take a break between fights and enjoy this time. Oh no! It seems our soldier took it literally! Somebody fix him up before he eats all the melon stickers! The war paint was created as part of 72...
  9. Psyke

    Pipe Dreamin' - War Paint 2022-07-23

    Here's a little something I put together for the 72 hour Jam! I hope you guys like it!
  10. Paddlepop

    Forklift Certified Warpaint - Team Version

    Here's a team coloured version of my previous entry, hope you enjoy!
  11. Paddlepop

    Forklift Certified Warpaint

    Here's my entry for the Jam, inspired by the forklift I pass everyday when walking home from work. Hope you enjoy!
  12. Radar

    Purple Nightmare A1

    The war skin for the purple enthusiast! For those who need more purple in their life! Those who cannot get enough of it! PURPLE NIGHTMARE IS FOR YOU! When neon green is too bright, but regular steel is beneath you. When you want to work on both sides of that pesky gravel war. purple will always...
  13. amasterfuljuice

    jimijam is the imposter!?!?!?12 (gone sus) (war paint) 2021-12-19

    helldriver base paint. Jimijam's look of choice (War Paint) to celebrate the tf2maps community and the jam. donate to the charity. I know it looks bad but I am too tired this is good enough. standard size and alpha channel and stuff. aright but seriously answer me (who is joe)?
  14. sour dani

    Kemuri War Paint 2020-09-06

    Another War Paint for all to enjoy! My second Jam Submission this year. What can I say I like collabs! Replaces the Bloom Buffed War Paint. Upvote on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2221657778 Primary Texture by Cicada88: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Cicada88...
  15. Fluted

    [Warpaint] Ghoultiful Ghosts 2020-09-05

    This is the first warpaint that I've ever created! Took around 4 hours so it's nothing too crazy as it was my first attempt at photoshop. This warpaint is inspired by the Ghosts that float around the Halloween maps.
  16. Overlord Lettuce

    Engraved Danger (72hr jam entry) 2019-08-05

    A War paint inspired by various engraved weapons Concept by: https://steamcommunity.com/id/SaintLombax About everything else by: me (https://steamcommunity.com/id/overlordlettuce/) Mod in the download replaces the "Ghost Town" war paint, though if you do not have the required weapons/paints...
  17. Firebirdjr

    [Warpaint] Team Umbrella V1

    This is my second War Paint entry to the TF2 7hr Summer Jam. Art by Zuddles https://steamcommunity.com/id/zuddles Pattern Setup, In-game testing, Seam patching - Firebirdjr https://steamcommunity.com/id/Firebirdjr
  18. Phe

    Corn Coated War paint 2018-07-30

    Made for the TF2 Summer Jam 2018
  19. O

    72 Hour Summer Jam War Paint 2018-07-29

    With the 72 Hour Summer Jam going on I wanted to make a cool little war paint of the little JimiJam lemon. Replaces Plaid Potshotter MK.II
  20. Rytu

    Roadkill War Paint 2018-07-29

    Take your 'hunting trophy' on the go with this brand new (old and smelly) coating for your weapons! Patterns, Renders and Promos by Rytu