source engine

  1. FamyCHoff

    How can you fix a texture bug with a model?

    how can you fix this texture bug? "UnlitGeneric" { "$baseTexture" "nature/snowy_treeline001" "$translucent" 1 "%compilepassbullets" 1 "$nodecal" 1 } this is the vmt file of the texture of the trees behind the model.
  2. wadmodder1999

    The mysteries & theories of CP_Cloak, the weird TF2 test map that Valve & nobody talks about.

    We are all more or less familiar with the weird test map included with Team Fortress 2 since the SteamPipe update of May 2013. That map of course is CP_Cloak, a map criticized by player for it's poor design, undetailed geometry & brushes, bad lighting, the crappy skybox with those weird boxes &...
  3. c4Tea

    Team Specific Sounds ?

    I'm making a koth map and I'm asking if its possible to make team specific sounds that would only play for members of specific team. ex: (only for players in red team / only for players in blue team) (If its only possible to achieve via point_clientcommands then sorry to bother as I don't want...
  4. Pocket

    How does HDR lighting actually work, internally?

    Something that's been bugging me for the longest time... how does generating HDR lighting take the same amount of compile time as LDR? I used to assume that VRAD ran two lighting passes, one for the minimum exposure level and one for the maximum, but then I realized that it would need to run a...
  5. »FF« Wanderer | Engie

    Help! "The Command Buffer Overflow" problem

    Hello Everyone! Im currently working on a Half Life 2 Source mod wich heavily relies on the "point_clientcommand" entity. It uses this entity almost every second, maybe even more frequently (its depends on the math_counter and the game_ui) Now, my problem is that whenever i load a map from my...
  6. Pocket

    A Source engine hack I've always wanted to see

    The recent thread about Black Mesa and its various community-made engine upgrades reminded me of something I've always been curious if Source could do, given enough coding skill and access to the source code: Seamless map transitions. Yes, yes, I know, Source is like the only engine on the...