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  1. Vecc

    osenworld_2 e3

    sequel to my first map, this time with not a bloated map size! chill trade map, secrets and stuff, have fun! <3 IF YOU HAVE SOUND-LAG ON LOAD TYPE SND_RESTART IN CONSOLE. I don't know what causes this.
  2. Rbstat

    fd_grey 2023-01-01

    New Year... New Map!!! I started this map like last year at most. Mainly as a map designed to quickly show off my custom game mode Flag Defense (or FD for short) that I had come up with. As such this is all dev textures, Hence the name. The goal is simple! Grab the Enemy Intel and take it to...
  3. Beepin

    Repairkour b10h

    Here's a schematic for ya... and about a dozen others about fixing this broken town. Originally made about a decade ago, this version of Repairkour (that's repair + parkour - crazy, right?) has updated visuals and a new bonus to boot. Players will find themselves parkouring through a plethora of...
  4. The M

    Greed b3

    Koth_greed is a not-so-serious king of the hill and mannpower hybrid. The main gimmick is that there is a pit of gold in the middle which will drown you if you fall in, but has a crit powerup in the middle. This map was made to goof around on, so don't expect the highest of quality (although it...
  5. TheFluffycart

    KoTH Stationed (Final Entry) rc1

    KoTH Stationed is my final entry for the 72 hour Challenge! After a lot of hard work, the map has been finished, and I honestly feel really proud of this map, and think it's my best as of yet (Since I'm new). Anywho, the one thing I'm gonna say is that I managed to include a secret room (as seen...

    Trade Temple of Donger (Halloween) v69

    A halloween variant of the Temple of Donger, a trade map that I've worked on the last couple of years, just in time for the spooky season! Featuring entirely different soundscapes than the normal version, and a completely different aesthetic. Changelog included, and available on the workshop page!

    Trade Temple of Donger v71

    A map I made for the Smoogz' Summit server, which has gone on a long hiatus for the moment, but I figured I would might as well release it for those of you that have never seen it. It was originally just a test jump map I made in a day or so. I developed it further for the server, into more of a...