red team

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  1. Georgequank

    Building001 Interior 1.0

    Building001 is a stock model that appears in maps such as Double Cross. RenmoeZinger on my server gave me a suggestion to make a version with a full interior, so I did! Everything on the prefab is stock, but you will have to add lighting yourself. The screenshots have lighting added. YouTube...
  2. Will Smith

    Engineer gaming 0.001

    Especially for the TF2jam Creativity Festival!
  3. Legoformer1000

    Desert Rangers

    My entry to 72 Hour Jam 2018 This is a scenebuild that I built in around ~12 hours, thats pretty much it
  4. tchorzyk

    Some fellas chilling on the second point V.2

    One of my first legit TF2 SFM posters. Let me guys know what you think about it. I am open for criticism.

    RED Hood 2017-08-05

    An art i made today.. Had inspiration and felt loke making some calm stuff. total time making this is 1-2 hours PURE GMOD. NO POSTPROCCESING
  6. TheGhostThatWas

    Team-Swapped Maps B3-B7

    Includes altered versions of: Upward Badwater Goldrush Gorge Gravel Pit Dustbowl Used content from TF2Maps: Rocket002 with blue materials by honeymustard BLU Imports of Red Products by Void Crossroads Custom Props by Jonah Red Cart Bomb by killohurtz Additional Letters by Mikroscopic Tank001...
  7. The Fancy Fedora

    72hr "Mission ends in 10 seconds!" 2017-02-11

    A picture of Heavy shooting from the point with Spy in the background about to win the game. This one isn't my favorite and it was difficult to get the minigun in Heavy's hands to look right but I think the result was worth the time. Picture on my Steam Profile...
  8. Avant-garde

    72hr Heckin' Scout scout

    yo it's the scout here
  9. hunterskills

    72hr Solider loves his box 2016-07-22

    Hello, I make simplistic, understandable drawings of tf2 in an aggressive and constant ever-shifting tf2 world.