Team-Swapped Maps B3-B7

The Red team is attacking, and the Blu team defends in this alternate universe

  1. TheNoobThatWas
    Imagine a Team Fortress 2 where things could be just slightly different.

    The teams have always had the same roles in all of the asymmetrical game modes. Blue always attacks, and Red always defends. It doesn't really affect gameplay, but it just makes the game simple. Also, it makes you wonder why Red never attacks the Blue teams bomb making factories, and they would never have to worry about the payload again. Really, why don't they counter-attack?

    I'm definitely an amatuer map maker, but I really wanted to make this little project a real thing. I had tried to make this a mod a couple years ago, but with the death of sv_pure (and the obvious problem that replacing texture files won't make every map look great), I gave it up.
    Recently, I thought about it again and decided to learn how to make it real (to the best of my ability). Hopefully it's not too much of a waste, as it is basically a hyped up re-texture. I feel really bad I'm finishing it in a time where everyone is making meme remakes of maps, and I really don't want it to feel too crumby.
    I'm still glad I was able to make this little idea real though.

    Includes altered versions of:
    • Upward
    • Badwater
    • Goldrush
    • Gorge
    • Gravel Pit
    • Dustbowl
    Used content from TF2Maps:


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