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  1. Obsyden

    Double-sided face normals in TF2 model

    I've been working on a model that is basically a shorter version of the props_2fort/sniper_fence01 model. I'm not sure if people know this, but the corrugated iron on this model actually has no thickness - it's just one face. The model, however, displays in hammer and in-game as having 2-sided...
  2. Hesyr

    Need help with beta compiler

    So, i need help to implement jiggle bones using the tf2 beta compiler. I tried a bunch of things and nothing worked Editing the .qc didn't work either. The qc $upaxis Y $modelname "<ITEMTEST_REPLACE_MDLABSPATH>" $surfaceprop "default" $body "default" "<ITEMTEST_REPLACE_LOD0>"...
  3. MaccyF

    [TUTORIAL] Blender and the Source Engine

    Introduction After numerous requests and questions posed in the group chat (not specifically directed to me), it seems high time that someone took a hold of the situation and created a fully fledged tutorial for modelling for the source engine using Blender. Please note that this tutorial...