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  1. Smurfin USA

    DDT Misc. Decal Pack 2021-12-20

    vtf/vmt files in a .zip. Keep them in the folder named smurfin_custom and put that folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\materials These are loosely themed around a map I'm making. It takes place in coastal chemical facilities, where safety is a prohibited...
  2. Svode

    72hr Jam posters! 2019-08-04

    Some posters I made for the 72hr Jam after getting back into SFM Enjoy!
  3. Emil_Rusboi

    Soviet Signs a1

    My soviet style signs from my map koth_krasnaya_ploshad
  4. tf2dove

    The Truth 2018-07-28

    An SFM recreation of Fallout: New Vegas' opening cutscene. Direct link in case the upload doesn't work.
  5. tf2dove

    Summertime SFM 2017-08-04

    I plan on adding some more if I have time over the weekend. Special thanks to Hayzen for helping me with camera tips on the Rick and Morty one. Album link in case the downloads don't work:
  6. Joshenkstone

    72hr Jam 2022 Joshenkstone's winter 2017 Jam SFM posters 2017-02-13

    i didn't have a lot of time :P but i still manged to create some awesome looking posters.
  7. BenCo

    72hr Jam 2022 10 posters made with Gmod RC1

    So I made about 10 posters in Gmod for the jam. I hope I did good. Joshenkstone's request: Demo's secret drinking place: Football match: Hell awaits: Rolling out: Party crusher: Pushing cart is hard for baby man: Revenge: The last sniper: There could be only one: It was a...
  8. Chill Banana

    72hr Jam 2022 EXPOSED 2017-02-11

  9. Sloofy

    72hr Jam 2022 Set-up On Well 2017-02-10

    Something of horrid quality Sloof made. How 'bout that. Enhanced Pyro Model: Balloonicorn Model:
  10. tf2dove

    72hr Jam 2022 A Handful of Winter Posters 2017-02-11

    Staying in tradition with my summer entry, I made these in the span of five hours. I plan on adding two more if I have time over the busy weekend. Special thanks to Hayzen for helping me with better faceposing/tweaks. Link to the album just in case:
  11. Infomaniac

    Overlay Red/Blu Propaganda Posters

    I'm currently making a frontline map and I want red/blu propaganda posters to decorate the buildings with.
  12. tf2dove

    72hr Jam 2022 A Handful of Summer Posters 2016-07-25

    I spent the first two days of the event helping out with various events on Twitch, so I literally had ~5 hours to make some nifty posters. Granted some are better than others, but I don't think I'll be able to wake up before the end of the event to work on them. I sleep through my five alarms...
  13. fuzzymellow

    72hr Jam 2022 Bullseye Bill's Bullets and More! 2016-07-22

    Comes in red and blue flavor!
  14. Fames [GER]

    72hr Jam 2022 72h Jam Posters 2016-07-23

    More comming tomorrow!