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  1. squeezit

    Generic Small Plane prop 2018-07-28

    Hello, I made this decent usable plane model for your maps that you might want a plane for. I plan on making an airstrip map, and I wanted to submit this for the 72hr Jam! Comes in red and blue! These do have vPhysics, however I recommend using this prop away from where players can get to...
  2. Chap

    Dogfight Doubles 2017-08-06

    I've always been interested in early 20th century military aviation and I decided to mix that with my passion for TF2! Cosmetics are meant to look appropriate for early flying kit, along with the posing.
  3. Texlow

    72hr koth_steelwing b1

    Oh look, I did a thing. Yup, my first map ever to be created, a war themed koth map with a gimmick twist! The Gimmick: everytime the control point is captured, a plane will fly over the map and drop a bomb onto the point, blowing up all those who have recently captured and not paying...
  4. Sorcerer of Soup

    72hr Flying Engie

  5. ZioNemmi

    72hr Random Madness [SFM] 2016-07-24

    Poster made for 72hr jam. Credits to Bapaul for the plane model.
  6. Mikroscopic

    Vampire Jet a1 fix

    A model of a British jet fighter. My first model. Thanks to MaccyF for helping me out with this.