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72hr koth_steelwing b1

Plane drops bomb that goes boom!

Oh look, I did a thing.

Yup, my first map ever to be created, a war themed koth map with a gimmick twist!

The Gimmick: everytime the control point is captured, a plane will fly over the map and drop a bomb onto the point, blowing up all those who have recently captured and not paying attention!

13833399_1104818442930815_463019733_o (1).jpg

All done within the 72 hour jam's timeline. Made in the World war theme with the use of Frontline's prop-pack and with thanks to ABS's Mappers Resource pack. This map wouldn't have been possible without my girlfriend, Isabelle ( http://steamcommunity.com/id/Isabellone/ ) as she was the one who designed the initial map's layout and was heavily involved with decoration of the map. A big shoutout and a big thank you to her!

oh and my steam page is: http://steamcommunity.com/id/69669969/ :D

Updated to be fully packed and repacked with all the desired frontline props that are in use of this map!
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King of the Hill
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  1. koth_steelwing_b1

    had to re-upload the name
  2. added an underscore

    so yeah adding an underscore and a number is required
  3. Reuploaded after server went down

    As the servers had gone down and messed up with the downloads, I am just reuploading this, plus the reupload has been packed properly with all the frontline props the map was using, then repacked into a smaller file size :)

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The gimmick is an amazing idea!