72hr koth_steelwing b1

Plane drops bomb that goes boom!

  1. Texlow
    Oh look, I did a thing.

    Yup, my first map ever to be created, a war themed koth map with a gimmick twist!

    The Gimmick: everytime the control point is captured, a plane will fly over the map and drop a bomb onto the point, blowing up all those who have recently captured and not paying attention!

    All done within the 72 hour jam's timeline. Made in the World war theme with the use of Frontline's prop-pack and with thanks to ABS's Mappers Resource pack. This map wouldn't have been possible without my girlfriend, Isabelle ( http://steamcommunity.com/id/Isabellone/ ) as she was the one who designed the initial map's layout and was heavily involved with decoration of the map. A big shoutout and a big thank you to her!

    oh and my steam page is: http://steamcommunity.com/id/69669969/ :D

    Updated to be fully packed and repacked with all the desired frontline props that are in use of this map!
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  1. Anonymous
    Version: A2
    The gimmick is an amazing idea!