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  1. norfolk

    Benzoate a1

    Hey! Norfolk made a map in 2018?! Nice! Benzoate is a Minute to Kill map with three different height areas to battle in. Typical stuff. About MTK: MTK means Minute to Kill. It's arena - with a timer! The team with more people left in the end wins the round. MTK was originally developed in...
  2. norfolk

    Spookdograilpants a1

    A new Halloween-themed KZ (kamikaze) map created by norfolk terrier. This map is the first KZ map since 2015, so let's hope it's good. KZ is a gamemode in which BLU must jump into a pit and RED needs to stop them from doing that.
  3. norfolk

    Ledian Fixed a1

    mtk_ledian! It's another Minute to Kill map from norfolk terrier. Who's surprised?
  4. norfolk

    Exhibit A2

    This map is a reverse CTF map. Deliver the enemy's bomb to their base. Do it three times to WIN! ~~~~ Welcome to EXHIBIT, a tale of rivaling zoos begins! Look at the amazing, and real* animals! These include: Deer, Boars, : polarbear:s, Barrelbleps, Spooky Cubes, and Shuckle. (Please don't mess...