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  1. Gothic Organist

    koth_havenstad_72h_a6 a6

    Fight over a quiet harbor where a point is suspended above the canal with a crane. The point moves to the opposing teams side when captured, as an attempt to encourage back and forth capturing and to make the objective more dynamic. It features multiple routes to every location and a lot of...
  2. Gothic Organist

    Pl_Eclectic A1

    Push the Holy Bombcart from a staition, thought a museum, though a church into the Dutch RED branches headquarters to prevent them from gaining ground in Europe.
  3. Gothic Organist

    cp_raised A1_2

    Mannpower/5cp hybrid map set in a Dutch city where you play on the rooftops and use your grappling hook to fly across the streets. The windmills on both sides are a dangerous landmark. Map plays like mannpower but CTF gameplay is replaced with 5CP. Falling onto the streets is lethal and you have...
  4. kplok

    Zeeland A5

    "Hold up, I think we've gone to the wrong Zealand." THIS MAP IS ON HOLD: I'm not happy with layout, so I need to redo lots of parts and I don't really have the patience or the time to do it well. I'll try to revisit this soon into the future when I feel more inspired. A new KOTH themed around...
  5. Pixel Brush

    koth_netherlands Textures a1

    All these textures are made for koth_netherlands. Feel free to use them in your work as long as your credit me. Actual Textures adjusted_grass lightground Blends of those Textures: netherlands_blend (adjusted_grass and lightground)
  6. Pixel Brush

    Paint Roller Brush a1

    Made for koth_netherlands: Used for a couple of these:
  7. Pixel Brush

    koth_netherlands Overlays b1

    All the Overlays that are used in koth_netherlands are contained here. Use them how you want. This Pack Includes: minemap pixelbrushing (Unused) pixelbrushing_wide red1850 whogotit (went Unused in a5 mid3) arrow_blue_rt deadbushcorp plaster1 plaster2
  8. Pixel Brush

    Netherlands b1 fix3

    This is a King of the Hill map which is inspired by the Netherlands! Steam Version: The map is as of b1 12.6116 kHu² big! Mini-Map as of b1 Netherlands Content Compilation Overlays...