Zeeland A5

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Zeeland A5

A small KOTH map themed around the Netherlands

"Hold up, I think we've gone to the wrong Zealand."

THIS MAP IS ON HOLD: I'm not happy with layout, so I need to redo lots of parts and I don't really have the patience or the time to do it well. I'll try to revisit this soon into the future when I feel more inspired.

A new KOTH themed around the Netherlands (particularly Amsterdam). I've had this theme idea for a while, and I feel like I can finally do it justice. This is still in development so any ideas for theming/feedback is appreciated.

Resources from:
Frontline pack
Overgrown prop pack
Krazy's Vehicle pack
First release
Last update
King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. Zeeland A5

    What's more dutch than tulips? Staunch Protestantism. Which is why the pavilion in mid has been transformed into a church, hopefully providing more verticality to play around with. Fixed the func_nobuilds on the parasols to actually be...
  2. Zeeland A4

    Re-routed the main building to be less confusing and have better game play flow Added an extra route from back entrance to the windows Made back entrance larger Added func_nobuild to the tops of the parasols and trees
  3. koth_zeeland_a3

    Well, I can safely say that the last version made the map worse so I undid half of it and refined other parts. Canals caused the middle to be a bit too wide, so i got rid of it. Removed the bandstand and replaced it with a much more spacious...