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  1. Amicdict

    Getting TF bots to *consistently* airstrafe.

    (EDIT: ) NOTE: This technique works in the base game (so no mods). Some time ago, I published a guide to making TF2 nav meshes on GitHub. (In retrospect, I wish I published it on Codeberg, Gitea, or Forgefriends; GitHub is proprietary.) A technique I listed in that guide is airstrafe paths; a...
  2. Amicdict

    Another generic nav mesh guide that is up to date.

    Seeing as a lot of the popular TF2 nav mesh guides are quite outdated, I decided to work on a nav mesh guide that uses updated information gained from the Source Code leak and my very primitive reverse engineering skills. I have never mapped in my life, so I know it's probably not much use...
  3. Simulacron

    MvM-Map is crashing when tank spawns

    I'm working on a mvm-map lately, but I have a problem. When my tank spawns the game always crashes and gives the error: "Out of memory or address space. texture quality settings may be too high." However, I've run Tf2 for probably 3 years now, without any crash due to memory lack. I found this...
  4. UKCS-Alias

    Nav prefer and block areas

    Since the mvm contest is going i think its a usefull thing to know what these things do. Lets asume the map is like this. The grid shows the nav squares it generates, the yellow is walkable: By default bots take the shortest path: To make them take the outer path we can do 2 things, we use...
  5. mi2

    Monoculus won't shoot nor move

    Hello everyone! I'm actually having a problem with my map : in it, Monoculus spawns at regular intervals ( every 3 minutes ), but when he does, he just stands there and does nothing, except teleporting from time to time to the various info-targets I have set-up. I have already generated a .nav...