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Multi Stage lucky_mc11 a1

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Multi Stage lucky_mc11 a1

more time on logic than geo

I did it. I fixed my map. (thank you @pumpko for a post that highlighted my issue, and thank you @DrSquishy for helping me troubleshoot the other issues).
While this was unfortunately not completed in time for the microcontest, I'm releasing the version where logic is actually fixed and will have a playtest of it!

I realise there are a lot of flaws with this map, however I was initially aiming for the speed map as well as the bonus (multi-stage). very ambitious and only half regret it.

In the end I spent probably ~ 5? 6? (???) hours making the map with geo/lighting/clipping etc. This was overshadowed by the ~7 hours purely trying to get my multi-stage payload logic to work. As such I didn't really keep much track of time actually spent on geo, but I don't think I could possibly qualify for speedmapping, and certainly not for 'completing' it, but here is a functional, working map for you. I hope it's at least a bit of fun.

There's an easter egg, I really hope somebody spots it.
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