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  1. FrostyHoneyJuicy

    Model A lonely map-maker needs two models retextured

    The request is very simple. I mostly need two Valve models to be retextured. The first one is models/props_lights/lamp001.mdl. I want this model to be covered with grayish metal or concrete texture. I don't want wooden material. The texture should be a little bit brighter than the lamp...
  2. AsG_Alligator

    Industrial lamp 2019-10-20

    A large industrial lamp (48hu diameter). Includes 3 models - ceiling hanging variant, spotlight and bracket variant. 2 skins for on and off.
  3. Tumby

    Light Gradient 1.0

    Just place it on the same spot and with the same rotation where you have your lamp. The number at the end of the model name is how many degrees it spans out. This currently only supports the "light_fluorescent_farm" models. Don't like the brightness? Pop into the .vmt and change it yourself...