Model A lonely map-maker needs two models retextured

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Jun 12, 2014
The request is very simple. I mostly need two Valve models to be retextured.

The first one is models/props_lights/lamp001.mdl.


I want this model to be covered with grayish metal or concrete texture. I don't want wooden material. The texture should be a little bit brighter than the lamp itself. Probably, I am not entirely sure.

Now, I am not sure if I am going to use this model, but it would be nice to do the same thing for a longer lamp model.

The model is called models/props_lights/lamp002.mdl.


The second model is models/props_mvm/mine_rocks.mdl.


Basically, I am about to release my map to the BETA stage. This particular model sadly doesn't have any snow variants. It also doesn't have any collisions.

If someone could spray (or sneeze) some now on it, and add a collision to it - I would be thankful.


Just so you know, fubarFX has already created a collision for this and other similar models. The collision is well made. All I need is snow now.

The model that you see in the screenshot is called models/props_rocks/mine_rocks_full.mdl. That's the one that fubarFX has created.

If you want me to pay you - it won't be a problem. No more than 5€ or 10€.


Sep 3, 2018
Wait wait wait. You're about to pay for something that can be done for free? I'm not going to stop you from paying anybody, but I do want to share resources you can use for free.

As for the tools...

To make the texture, use GIMP (basically, a free photoshop). You may have heard of it before. There are tutorials online on how to use it. You can search "gimp" in Google and it's the first hit.

Next, you probably already figured you need the original texture to reskin it, and you know GCFScape. Use it!

Last tool here, create the new skin for the model using this:
It's super easy to use, just remember the correct material paths are automatically placed in "materials" so no need to specify.


As for how to recolor the lamp: I'd recommend either playing with the color tools, or changing the texture to grey scale.

Good luck!


Sep 3, 2018
Hold up. I created the materials, but the program did not create any .VTF files nor .VMT files inside of it. I followed the tutorials step by step, but no outcome.
I think you need the model for that skin editor. It'll tell you the file paths of the original skin. Then, you put in the new ones.

It should export a new model for you to use.