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  1. Katsu! :3

    Multi Stage Regypt rc2

    Hello! I would like to welcome you to cp_regypt_rc2, a visual overhaul of cp_egypt done by "MallCop." As far as I know, the only changes that were done to the map were making the visuals much easier on the eyes, as all the extreme yellows of egypt hurt after a while. So you may notice that the...
  2. xobile

    KotH Proside

    xobile submitted a new resource: Proside - A rework of Lakeside Read more about this resource...
  3. Aarmastah

    Ghost Fort (No Truce) rc2

    koth_lakeside_event with truce mode disabled. Merasmus will randomly spawn and will not lock the control point.
  4. TH3 D34DL3$$

    Damway 1.0.0

    MvM map with facility style. And wooden thing in center. Actually, most of the map covered by old tarried lake. Two buildings - old barn and new Facility Control Center - have a bridge between them, which provides way to communicate with Dam water level control center (Red base and upgrade...
  5. Jack5

    Hold The Flag prefab v1

    Preface This prefab was originally a submission of mine on GameBanana since April the 26th, 2018 according to that site. This map has in its entirety been reposted to, and GameBanana will continue to be the prime source of downloads and information regarding the map. Description My...
  6. Capitan $teamer

    Son of Man, look to the sky [SFM Poster] 2017-08-06

    TF2 72Hrs Jam Summer Edition Entry "In learning you will teach And in teaching you will learn"
  7. S

    Waterfront RC3_2

    An entry into the Mappers vs. Machines contest! Possum Springs - a quaint little mining town with a rich history of coal miners, factory workers, and questionable environmental protection policies. But now, their long-held heritage of polluting the lake water with chemicals is in danger, as the...
  8. Dapper

    Barnyard_brawl a4

    Two barns facing each other with a road in between that allows a lakeside-similar point in a granary style (when all texturing is complete) Any help on development would be much appreciated as this is my first map
  9. Lo-fi Longcat

    72hr Lakeside Voxelised I thought it's about time I pay tribute to my favourite map in all of TF2, and what better excuse to do it than the 72hr jam? So I recreated the cap point of Lakeside in MagicaVoxel, and I'm real...