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Waterfront RC3_2

Fight against hordes of angry robots in the concrete confines of a lakeside power plant!

  1. signalmanx
    An entry into the Mappers vs. Machines contest!

    Possum Springs - a quaint little mining town with a rich history of coal miners, factory workers, and questionable environmental protection policies. But now, their long-held heritage of polluting the lake water with chemicals is in danger, as the power plant on the edge of town has just gone under new management - and that management just so happens to be waging a war against an army of killer robots.

    Welcome to the Waterfront! Fight against hordes of angry robots in the concrete confines of a lakeside power plant!

    Watch out, though - brand new Caustic Robots have been thrown into the mix! These walking Geneva Convention violations tote corrosive weaponry, and can inflict long-lasting and ethically questionable damage over time! But if you’d like to remain an outsider in the business of melting to death, you should know that you can wash off all your detrimental status effects by hopping into a pool of Mann Co. coolant water! If you feel a slight burning while submerged, don’t worry about it - that’s just the healing magic of the water taking effect! Probably.

    This map was designed to encourage a tug-of-war motion between the players and the bots. The map is small, and this is very intentional - Many different paths throughout the map exist, allowing rapid rotations and pushes between areas. Mobility was a big focus here! You’ll find that upgrading jump height and speed upgrades will allow you to traverse the map with ease, and that while the map is small, it makes good use of the space provided. Areas are designed to aid the players in pushing back robots, something further compounded by rapid bomb-reset timers. There were many times in playtesting where we would get pushed back to the hatch, only to slowly recover the map, pushing the robots back to the front lines again. And this often happened multiple times in one wave! Due to this push-and-pull design, you’ll find that each area of the map is utilized to its fullest, and that waves can span the entire length of the map, and back again!


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