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  1. Coder channel

    (SOLVED :P) Hammer lagging out when selecting objects in 3d view

    So, recently i've decided to increase my model render distance. However, after doing so, hammer started freezing for a few seconds when selecting objects in 3d view. The more entities/brushes where on screen, the longer was the lag. The issue persisted even after returning the model render...
  2. Werewolf

    What is 'lag' - The difference between FPS and Ping (A Steam Community Guide)

    A few years ago I wrote up a guide on the difference between FPS and ping/latency with the aim of getting better map feedback. Basically back in the day I used to use the Steam group I ran to test out versions of my Deathrun maps and get player feedback. However I would notice that a lot of the...
  3. The_Gl!tch.exe

    Huge lag with soundscapes

    There are 4 different areas in the same room in my custom map (you can imagine it as 4 rooms next to each other connected with doors). These soundscapes are controlled by trigger_soundscapes and for each soundscape there is a trigger_soundscape covering the entire room. However when entering...
  4. Billo

    lag reduce

    i am looking for ways to reduce the lag on my map. and when i get into hammer and on the game and i am not talking about revome props or add nodraw. do you have any other ways to share with me?
  5. OctoBlitz

    Need some help with my tf2maps streaming...

    Hi guys, before we get into my question, I want to first apologize to the entire tf2maps forum and staff for my lack of content relating to Team Fortress 2 map making and my short livestreams. Both of which are being fixed as I am writing this post. So my question is, is there anyway possible...