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    Hi guys,

    before we get into my question, I want to first apologize to the entire tf2maps forum and staff for my lack of content relating to Team Fortress 2 map making and my short livestreams. Both of which are being fixed as I am writing this post.

    So my question is, is there anyway possible for me to reduce stream lag? I have no lag on my pc, it has to do with my streaming software and the stream itself... Whenever I try to livestream anything, ranging from me mapping or my deliberate breaking the streaming guidelines with streaming Undertale I experience NO LAG whatsoever on my end, however my stream is always lagging and freezing on a single frame on the stream. is there anyway of fixing this and maybe helping with the quality of my streaming?

    Thanks everyone
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    well, streaming is a complex thing. basically you want your bit rate to be low enough for your internet connection. however, a low bitrate means your machine has to spend more resources encoding (if you want to keep decent quality). how do you get the right balance? you just fiddle with options for as long as it takes
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    In some aspects, a low bitrate means less computations. What can greatly affect the quality is the resolution of the stream. Sometimes you get better results with a lower resolution and a less aggressive compression.