kong king

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  1. HelloThere

    mvm_koth_king B1

    My horrible internet connection is preventing me from enjoying this year's Scream Fortress event so I have decided to punish the whole world for it by releasing another MVM conversion! This time, from koth_king, the intense, crammed KOTH map we all hate/love. As always, giants, engies, snipers...
  2. Yelta + 옐다

    arena_megacorp_plaza 1.0

    A teeny tiny map. All info on the images is heavily exaggurated, it really isn't that good. But it's alright. And not as boring as empty 1v1 maps. If I did 1v1s, I'd do it on this map. Because it's mine, to be fair, not because it's the best one, but it is good.
  3. thysponge55

    cp_shichang_a1 2019-10-23

    - Rival power companies in down-town Hong-Kong send Mann Co's finest mercs to gain access to eachothers generator plants! - Hello TF2Maps!! This is my 3rd tf2 mapping project and by far the most time-consuming and biggest! I am only at version A1 so feedback is very appriciated and checked...