1. pedro

    Monkey playtest

    Monkey is a KOTH map designed so mobile classes will cap the high-up point while non-mobile classes battle beneath. It will eventually have a jungle theme. 1.5 days of progress so far.
  2. HOI

    jump_cow FINAL

    Easy cow themed soldier jump map 2 courses 3 bonuses
  3. False_

    False_ on Jump_Steak Final

    Edited video play-through of jump_steak. Simple .avi file download link, 1080p.
  4. SourceNick

    a tf2 jump movie

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbna9gBznxA A short little movie featuring some trickjumps and the world record speedrun of jump_beyond This took a lot of work to make, but it was so much fun. TF2Jam is one of my favorite things to participate and I'm so happy that it can involve...

    Jump_hello_b1 Beta 6

    This is my first map so don't expect much. The map is tier 1-2 for soldier and tier 1 for demoman. The map quite short at only 9 jumps. If you have any issues or comments feel free to tell me. Have fun!
  6. Anguish

    ultiduo_rockhopper A2

    Like ultiduo? Like surfing? Like flying around the map at the speed of light? Like getting sick airshots? Like making amazing getaways? Like coming in clutch with the last second bomb? Welcome to ultiduo_rockhopper, an ultiduo map that features 2 walls that are entirely occupied by surf ramps...
  7. Anguish

    Ground Control

    I was thinking about how little I've uploaded on youtube recently and thought: Why don't I create my own map show as well? Naturally, I wanted to introduce my neat little gimmick: Ground Control aims to give Custom Maps a thorough testing for the best shortcuts, parkour spots, rollouts...