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Jump_hello_b1 Beta 6

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Jump_hello_b1 Beta 6

This a rocket jump map for beginners.

This is my first map so don't expect much. The map is tier 1-2 for soldier and tier 1 for demoman. The map quite short at only 9 jumps. If you have any issues or comments feel free to tell me.
Have fun!
First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. House keeping update

    Change Log: -Made Jump 4 Brighter -Made Jump 8 Brighter -Made jump 7 a proper speed shot (trust me it's possible) and made the wall smaller -Fixed some brushes not lining up -Other miscellaneous things -Updated the localization files
  2. Last Lighting update (hopefully)

    I have made the map a bit brighter and changed the light color from yellow to white because the yellow was to dark and frankly looked ugly with the textures I was using. This will be the last lighting update unless the map is deemed to dark for...
  3. LIghting

    I finally got around to doing the lighting on the map so hopefully it will be playable now. The main feedback I'm looking for is opinions on lighting but other feedback is appreciated.