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  1. Skylark

    Automatic Imp Maps Downloader

    My internet isn't very fast so when changing maps during the imp I end up joining a minute later than everyone else, with this automatic imp maps downloader it will download and unzip all of the maps in the queue and keep it up to date so there's no more waiting for it to download when everyone...
  2. ммα | ∂αиỉєℓ

    Some imp questions

    So I was looking to get my map up for some imp action, but I can't find that gosh darn bot. Can anyone tell me the name of this lovely bot so I can send him/her/it some detail? That would be swell. Also are the imp recorded like the gamedays are? Do we get a replay send to us or is it only...
  3. Kyzer

    CP_7 A3

    Tour [A1] I'll be hosting an impromptu later today if I feel like doing it. I don't have a name or a theme yet for the map.
  4. P

    A Really Stupid Question

    I know this is probably the wrong place for this question, and the answer is probably written somewhere, but I can't find it. I understand that scheduling an impromptu map test has something to do with the group chat, but I am unsure as to what the precise procedure is. Does anyone know?