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    So I was looking to get my map up for some imp action, but I can't find that gosh darn bot. Can anyone tell me the name of this lovely bot so I can send him/her/it some detail? That would be swell.

    Also are the imp recorded like the gamedays are? Do we get a replay send to us or is it only feedback on the post itself? Thanks in advanced to whoever can help me out.
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    The bot is usually in the TF2maps Steam group chat, and is named "V2Bot", prefixed with the current number of maps in it's list. To add your map to the list, you simply have to type the following command in the chat: "!add <your map's filename> <download link to your map> [optional notes]". The bot should then post a little confirmation message to the chat.
    Just keep in mind that the bot might be a little bit buggy at times and may not always be in chat.

    As for recordings, all testing performed on official TF2maps servers are recorded as demos that can be loaded up and watched in TF2. They can be downloaded from your map's feedback page at
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