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  1. cock

    Plasticine hoovy

    Plasticine hoovy and a sandwich
  2. SenterySapper08

    trade_hoovyboxing_a1987_2020fix2 A1

    It's been a while, huh? I made this map as practice way back in 2016. It was awful. After procrastinating for a few years, I decided to head back in and finally put in the necessities. Things like respawn rooms, decor, lighting... you know... the basics. Finally, after about a few days of work...
  3. BossGate

    Artwork - Gibus Hoovy pixelart 1.0

    On this artwork you can see pixelated Gibus Hoovy. It's pixelart!
  4. The Gu

    Gibusvision Hoovy attempt to woo M'edic 2017-08-06

    Artwork for the jam!