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trade_hoovyboxing_a1987_2020fix2 A1

A small map made for the primary purpose of Dueling Mini-games

It's been a while, huh?

I made this map as practice way back in 2016. It was awful.
After procrastinating for a few years, I decided to head back in and finally put in the necessities. Things like respawn rooms, decor, lighting... you know... the basics. Finally, after about a few days of work and tweaking, I feel that it's ready.

The purpose of this map is for general trading, dueling, and just messing around with friends. It can hold up to 24 players, although I feel it'd be pretty cramped if that were to occur, so I recommend roughly 2-12 players.

- To end the round, simply cap the intel (located on the table next to the EXIT door) three times. If you want to don't want to cap, simply drop it and it will go back to its old position in three seconds.
- To cap, all you have to do is take the intel and touch the front of the EXIT door (The trigger is made to fit the door because, if it were bigger, accidental captures can occur when running around. This is based off of experience.)
- Criticism and such is welcome and, if problems arise, don't be afraid to leave a comment.
- Lastly, a major thanks to HolySnickerPuffs for making the boxing ring all those years ago.
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